Standard Test Method for Elemental, Oxidized, Particle-Bound and Total Mercury in Flue Gas Generated from Coal-Fired Stationary Sources (Ontario Hydro Method)

Summary: The measurement of particle-bound, oxidized, elemental, and total mercury in stationary-source flue gases provides data that can be used for emissions assessments and reporting, the certification of continuous mercury monitoring systems, regulatory compliance determinations and research programs associated with dispersion modeling, deposition evaluation, human health and environmental impact assessments. Particle-bound, oxidized, and elemental mercury measurements before and after control devices may be necessary for optimizing and evaluating the mercury removal efficiency of emission control technologies.

This test method was developed for the measurement of mercury in coal-fired power plants and has been extensively validated for that application. With additional procedures given in this standard, it is also applicable to sources having a flue gas composition with high levels of hydrochloric acid, and low levels of sulfur dioxide.

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